- Equality & Inclusivity-

Multicultural Singing Contest  

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- Registration Process -

* Each participating candidate is encouraged to prepare two songs in two different languages.

* Please specify your name, phone number, email address, names of the participating songs and their singers, and  languages of the two songs

* Please be aware that the registration fee is  20 CAD 

* After completing the registration, you will receive emails from the organizing committee regarding contest details, and registration confirmation


- Time Schedule -

Contest Date:Saturday Aug 24th, 2024

- Awards -

Ten awards will be selected in the final contest. Each award winner will receive 200CAD cash and a finely prepared certificate. Winners will be eligible to perform on stage at the “Concert in the Park, 2024”.

The BestSmile Award 

The Best Dressed Award

The Best Stage Style Award

The Best Singing Award

The Best Makeup & Costume Award

The MostPotential Award

The Most Elegant Award

The Most Creative Award

The Most Popular Award

The Best Friendship Award

- Judge Panel -

Brian Zhang, President of North America Artist Association
Dabao Gao, community-renowned Chinese Pop singer, the Champion of the first season Sing China Canada
Tima Tao, Chief Executive Officer of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver
Wayne Gao, internationally recognized singer, director and event organizer
Shawn M. Wade, President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Mainland of British Columbia Branch (RCS), and the Royal Society of St. George, BC
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Jacky Tang, professional singer, producer and the organizer of various large-scale music events
Karen Wang, President of the Canada National Folk Art Society
Andy Davis, a local icon DJ behind the growth of the Vancouver music scene with various successful venues and events, setting the stage on fire with their infectious energy
Haiqing Xue, professional singing coach and the final round judge for all seasons of the show Sing China Canada

Honorable Sponsor

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Icanvision Immigration and Education

Sponsored Organizations

Stop Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Advocacy Group

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver

     North America Artist Association

Elite Club Canada

Chinese Canadians Goto Vote Association

Voices & Bridges