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Canada is a harmonious, friendly, diverse, and inclusive country, but there are also dissonances - such as racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is a chronic disorder of human society and cannot be eliminated naturally. Only when the whole society pays attention to it will the limelight of racial discrimination be curbed. After the individuals encounter racial discrimination, if they do not actively report and appeal, it will be condoning to the perpetrators. In recent years, there have been frequent acts of discrimination in BC. If you have ever suffered from racial discrimination, whether it is verbal abuse or physical, whether it is an individual conflict or systemic discrimination, please fill out the form below truthfully and speak up! Your information will be held confidential. Complaints will be referred to Access Pro Bono for free legal advice. The Pro Bono Legal Services Society of BC is a professional legal aid organization that is financially supported by the BC Provincial Government for a long time. Mr. Jimmy Yan of BC Pro Bono Legal Services works with the team to provide targeted assistance to specific complaints.

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