Caught on Video: San Francisco Muni egg attack amid anti-Asian rant


SAN FRANCISCO — A New York-based Asian American writer, who was visiting San Francisco, found herself among the victims of an egg throwing attack from a man voicing racist comments on the 38-Geary Muni bus.

The incident took place last Thursday and Michelle Young captured it on video.

Young took to twitter to describe the attack.

“Guy w/lots of eggs came on and starting yelling to me and the Asian girl next to me “stupid Chinese bitch”. A man on the bus stepped in & the guy started throwing eggs at him. Guy got off bus threw eggs through window. We all have egg in our hair!!”

SFPD has reached out to her as did the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency.

“This is unacceptable on our vehicles,” the transit agency said in its response. “We are sorry this happened to you. Please file a report with us to prevent incidents like this from happening. We’ll have staff look into it and investigate. Again, our sincere apologies.”

Young also thanked those who had reached out to her and urged other victims to come forward.

“I have spoken w/ SFPD & they are moving things forward,” she posted on social media. “If you were on the bus or were targeted by this man in the past please send me a DM as your statement is helpful. I’m on vacation with my family this week but thank you all again for your support!”

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